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iPhone: My favourite camera for traveling

This year in Scotland and 2014 in Iceland I've decided that the iPhone should be enough to take pictures when I go hiking. In Iceland my backup camera was the Sony NEX-6 because I thought the telephone won't be good enough and maybe I will have some trouble in the rainy conditions with the hardware. I had and still have the following requirements for the camera.


The camera should be light. When you go hiking, especially at long distance walks for two or three weeks, every item counts in your backpack. Yes, that means you have to leave your selfie-stick at home. In a stripped down version, 2 batteries, charger, body, the default 18-55mm lens, camerabag and the mini gorillapod I've reached ~1kg with the NEX-6. Not bad at all but the iPhone 6 (small version) or iPhone 5 weights ~120g.


It depends a little bit on the trail but for me it's important that the camera is useable five or six days without recharging the batteries. With two batteries in your backpack it's not a big deal for the NEX-6. And for the iPhone? Sorry but no Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat because you have to go in flight mode to extend the durability. But in flight mode I've reached six days without recharging the telephone. I took per day ~15 pictures which includes 14 selfies in front of the next stunning waterfall.


On a nice sunny hiking day with even ground you have no problems to carry the NEX-6 or any other camera outside the camerabag. But you won't do this on a 12 hour walk and the real fun starts when you are going up or down from a mountain and/or at rainy conditions. You are now completly focused on the track/weather and not on your camera. Everytime you have to put the camera into your backpack will cost you at least 2-3 minutes. Same if you have to perform a lens change. For sure, 2-3 minutes is nothing but 2-3 minutes with heavy rain, wind and 5 times a day is a lot of fun. To put the telephone in a waterproof jacket costs you 10 seconds and you will do it when you are walking.


A wise man once said:

"A technically perfect photograph can be the world’s most boring picture."
Andreas Feininger.

For landscape pictures with average lighting conditions the iPhone performed incredibly well. Even in low-light conditions the smartphone camera is better than expected. And sometimes some noise can be the right effect for a picture.


Becaue of the small setup you carrying around the postprocessing, more then deleting images, won't be happen on a normal camera. It's no fun to apply some filters on a shitty camera display.

What I've loved after a hiking day was to review the pictures and doing the postprocessing directly on the telephone in the tent. With the new camera application on the iPhone 6 you have tons of options which you can apply or you can just work with the pre-defined filters. It worked out pretty well. Yesterday I've printed some pictures from Scotland on DIN A4 sheets without doing any kind of postprocessing on my Notebook.


If you need light travel gear and would like to take easily landsacpe pictures, give the iPhone or your favourite mobile telephone brand a chance. Even in Iceland I've shot most of the time with my telephone because you have no setup time.


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